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Optischedule is specialized in solving complicated scheduling and rostering problems. We have extensive experience in the area, with a clear focus on producing business value.

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Productivity vs. employer attractivity? Don’t compromise… Be both!

Sustainable schedule

Optimal schedules strike the right balance between hard core productivity and sustainable shifts that retain and attract the best employees. Welcome to long-term profitability


Staff according to your customer demand curve. Only when needed, where needed.

Sustainable staffing

Ensure shifts fulfill rest rules and provide sufficient work rotation to reduce absenteeism and work-related injuries

Reduce lead-time

Plan and re-plan in no-time. Reduce manual work and increase the schedules’ business fit.

Adapt to change

Create fact-based, business scenario schedules or bids for new deals.

Flexible scheduling technology

Automatic schedule creation

Give us your business requirements and rules. Our advanced rule-based engine will provide you with the most cost effective sustainable schedule there is.

Shift design

Creating shifts for employees combining different types of work into schedules.

Rule-based engine

Flexible rules for modeling different use-cases and union agreements.

Demand curve

Use historical data and resource drivers to predict and plan according to customer demand.

Skills and capabilities

Model skills and competencies to efficiently use staff with high competencies where needed.

Lunches, breaks, and work span

Set up the union agreements to ensure lunches, breaks and other rules and regulations are considered in the optimized schedule.

Minimize the number of shifts needed

Reduce the number of staff needed to fulfill the customer promise while contributing to more full-time employment opportunities.

Fixed and floating work items

Specify what activities are flexible in time and what must be done at a specific instance.

Advanced pattern-based requirements

Set up advanced pattern-based requirements to model your operation. Add new requirements and make changes swiftly.

Scheduling for everyone

One size doesn't fit all

Is your scheduling challenge super unique? Great, our box of tools and technologies is not complete but we love to be challenged.

Custom scheduling requirements

EEveryone has their own specialized requirements that make life difficult, including yours. We are experienced in handling the most complicated rules. Try us!

Automated base and manual adjustments

A fully automated solution, a black-box, is never just right. We believe in giving the user final say - doing the fine-tuning and taking full ownership of the resulting solution.

Contract planning

Providing staff with full-time contracts is hard when the customer demand curve is volatile. We can help with advanced contract planning for your business.

Vacation planning

Vacation planning is a delicate balance to cost effectively ensure uninterrupted business operation while catering for employee preferences and need for uninterrupted vacation periods.

Work rotation

Heavy lifts, control room focus, error prone or monotone tasks, etc… optimize the task rotation as part of your sustainable shifts.

Route optimization

We offer custom route planning solutions for your needs.

What is your scheduling challenge?… Challenge us

We have extensive experience in solving customers specific scheduling problems. Contact us for more information.


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