About Us

Optischedule consists of a dedicated team that has extensive experience in developing advanced scheduling and planning systems.

  • Magnus Rattfeldt

    Co-Founder / Research and Development

    Magnus is an experienced computer scientist with a solid 20+ year background from both academia and industry. His PhD thesis opened up new alternatives for solving combinatorial optimization problems, and during his tenure at SICS (now RISE), he was a key developer of the SICStus Prolog award-winning constraint programming engine. His focus has always been various sub fields in optimization, such as scheduling, or packing and placement. He is also a very experienced software engineer, having built and managed several complex cloud based systems.

    While always being deeply involved in research and development, he has also been a key member of technical management teams, as well as handling client and partner collaborations and integrations.

  • Mikael Zayenz Lagerkvist

    Co-Founder / Research and Development

    Zayenz is an experienced software engineer and researcher. He has a background in research, implementation, and use of combinatorial optimisation systems which has given him a strong theoretical and practical foundation for solving complex algorithmic problems. As a doctoral student at KTH Zayenz co-developed and continues to maintain the open source Gecode system, one of the most well-used constraint programming systems in both academia and industry.

    As a software engineer, Zayenz has worked on projects from inception and technical business analysis through hands-on development and into production deployment. Application areas have been in industry, agriculture, medical technology, financial systems, and personnel scheduling. Technologies have included modern AI and deep neural networks, mathematical optimisation and constraint programming, and advanced scheduling algorithms.


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